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Melanie Light - Ep#22

Melanie Light - Ep#22

July 3, 2020

We sat down with Director and all-round awesome human being Melanie Light way back in February before the lockdown was put in place and now we finally bring it to you.

Melanie not only writes and directs her own films but she is also a huge part of the Women In Horror month putting on amazing horror showcases. If that was not enough and is a huge advocate and voice for female representation in the film industry, especially in the horror scene.

Her short film The Herd won several awards including Best Horror Short at the London Independent Film Festival (UK) but don't judge Mel by the hard-hitting nature of the film. We talk a lot about her history, work, and the challenges that face not just her as a director but all women in the film industry. We do of course get Mel drawing with us and I love what we come up with.

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