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Graham Johnson - Ep#25

Graham Johnson - Ep#25

August 21, 2020

Welcome back for a rather chilled episode with the wonderful Graham Johnson. Graham is a producer, improviser and illustrator to name a few things. We chat to Graham about his early influences like the webcomics Questionable Content and Dresden Codac. It's really interesting to hear Graham talk about how these "Slice of Life" style comics appealed to him more than the more superhero/fantasy style.

We dive into being able to work with the fantastic Kid Carpet and his current projects which include drawing an entire tarot deck of Cute Squishy Boys, being the live illustrator for Tales of Adventure an Improv live play RPG that happens over on Twitch and is uploaded to YouTube. All that and some  tangentst skip through Musical Theatre, the works of Nicholas Cage and a Lloyds Bank commercial?

Check out his work, and if you have some future production needs or are interested in helping Graham publish his Tarot cards or just want to buy a print of one or a whole pack do get in touch with him.

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