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2019 in review and plans for 2020 - Ep#16

January 3, 2020

Happy new year from both of us. We had recorded a whole episode with the amazing Katy Shutte but due to technical difficulties, we don't have any of that audio. We will say that if you have the chance to check out any of Katy's work then please do so. We would like to also thank the Bristol Improv Theatre for giving us space and time to record with Katy. We will fix the technical issues and have a back up for this year.

So this episode is just a bit of a look back on our first year of podcasting and a look into the future. We cover some listening stats, Chris sets a challenge to our listeners with a mystery prize, we talk about the fantastic book How To Think When You Draw by The Etherington Brothers (sorry for the mis-pronounciation of your name) and the fabulous art by Chris Barker. We fill you in on the ongoing work by our first podcast guest Sophie Iles who has had a busy year despite having some horrible things happen in her personal life.

We hope to talk to more amazing talents this throughout 2020. Thanks for listening and if you could one thing for us and just tell someone about this podcast we would greatly appreciate it.

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