Rough Sketch Podcast

Art Nine Two - Ep#30

November 6, 2020

Fantastic independent artists and comic book creators Damian and Helena make up Art Nine Two and for us, it was a huge amount of fun to sit and chat with them.

Damian's recent comic GGA (Galaxy Grappling Alliance) is a huge homage to the early days of the WWE bit with the matches having a deeper meaning. He has an incredible passion for Wrestling and movies and he even runs his own podcast called Omen to That really makes the comic feel like it has motion and he goes into a bit of detail about that. His talents don't stop there, he does amazing portraits of all sorts of people including Dr Who.

Helena is also an amazing portrait artist but has also an amazing talent for pet portraits. Over the lockdown, she has put a lot of time and energy into the Patreon to supply some really good art tutorial videos. These are really affordable for people who want to see how she puts her work together and even shows you the mistakes.

We can't thank them enough for being such good sports and great guests. Go check out their work, maybe send them an e-mail if you want to commission either of them for a piece of work or go buy something from their shop.

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Outro Music: Elephants On Parade by Podington Bear - CC BY-NC

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