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Arthole - Ep#20

May 1, 2020

Another month is upon us and we are still in lockdown, we hope you are all well.

This episode was recorded at the beginning of March. Elliot and Kay collectively known as Arthole joined us after a full day at the Bristol art fair Shake. We fed them and plied them with tea to find out more about their own art fair, style, interests, influences and whatnot.

Of course, we also made them roll some dice and invent something on the spot and they did not let us down. How Kay managed to draw a whole page of a comic in such a short space of time is beyond us.

Do yourself a favour and go check out their social media to find out when the magazine will be released. Or become part of the elite Arthole Isolation Club and buy yourself a swanky t-shirt. You will be helping to support the magazine and two lovely young artists at the same time.

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