The Rough Sketch Podcast

Gwdihoo - Ep#12

September 6, 2019

This month we get spooky a little early with the talents of Gwdihoo (aka Goody Who). She is an awesome creative who has just become an art fair dad with the SUMMER SCREAM event. There is space in the world for spooky art fairs and so she set up the Ghoul Gang Collective along with her buddy Fruit & Bone. We get Goody to tell us what goes into having a tattoo apprenticeship and her influences. We go off on some pretty big tangents that take us through Christopher Robin as a horror movie, the works of Jan SvankmajerGrace Neutral, Ryu Murakami and his book In The Miso Soup and one particular bit of work by the amazing Junji Ito.

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