Rough Sketch Podcast

Katie Fishlock - Ep#48

August 20, 2021

Bristol-based artist Katie Fishlock is celebrating the joy of sexual pleasure and relationship with the self. Both provocative and playful, she is also challenging the boundaries of portraying sexuality in this often-complex world. A former Graduate of Falmouth School of Art (2008), she has worked extensively as a make-up artist and stylist within the fashion industry, including with Boy George and Alexander McQueen. 

When we got in touch with Katie we had no idea that she was going to turn the tables on us a bit in order for the interview to work for her current energy levels. Since we encourage things like spontaneity and experimenting with things we thought it would be really hypocritical to say no.

We chatted to Katie about her current work and draw what came into our minds or indeed into our fingers, we would love to see what you draw from this episode. You can catch Katie's work at Glitch in Bristol until the end of September 2021, go there, get your hair done and/or grab a coffee, lunch or something sweet.

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