Rough Sketch Podcast

Mat Roff - Ep#24

August 7, 2020

We arrange a chat with creative problem solver Mat Roff. Sadly, we had a little issue with our audio on this episode but Mat's audio is great and after all, it is all about our guest and not us.

Mat helped us in a bit of a deep dive into why fan art can be so important in any artist journey. He told us how everything for him is classed as some sort of collaboration and how that keeps his work fun and interesting for him and his clients. His openness is something we applaud, it's not always about the final product, sometimes the journey is much more important.

We encourage you to check Mat out on Twitch, he regularly streams his work and his process which is lovely to be part of. We will certainly look at going to the Oxford Doodle Club and we hope to collaborate with him on something in the future.

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